Why are they repeating storylines though? Hook is hiding something from Emma again and he is not cursed per se this time but he is being manipulated by a villain into doing things Emma will obviously not approve of and she is going to find out and feel betrayed again. Please reassure me that this can go differently bc right now I just can't see a happy resolution for this tbh


I know it’s frustrating to watch - and it does feel like a rehash of the same storyline from “The Jolly Roger”.

Because it is.

And there are several reasons why this is necessary:

1. Hook got himself into this mess.  

He shouldn’t have tried to blackmail Rumple.  And while I don’t think it’s his job to fix Rumbelle’s marriage, I wonder if Charming, Snow or Emma would have kept quiet if they were aware that Rumple still has control of the dagger (not just for Belle’s sake but for the safety of everyone else). Hook kept quiet about it, not because it’s none of his business, but so he could use it to his advantage. Despite how reformed he believes himself to be he still has some pirate left in him and that is the point of this story arc - Hook needs to figure out who he really is - who he wants to be, and commit to it,

2. Hook has a chance to do the right thing this time.  

And I do believe he will.  For the sake of tension they didn’t have him tell Emma by at the end of the episode, but I don’t think he will let this go for long. This is a chance for him to “correct” the mistakes he made with Ariel/WWOW. It’s a do-over for him and I think that he will show that he’s changed.

3. The confict between Rumple and Hook was never truly resolved.

Three centuries of hatred and vengeance were put aside to save Henry.  But it’s unrealistic that they would have truly “buried the hatchet”.  They are both trying to live a reformed life in Storybrooke so they can’t just outright kill each other like they probably want to; they’ve got to deal with one another - truly resolve this conflict.  They are never going to be friends, but just maybe after this whole thing doesn’t play out well for either of them they will learn their lesson and stop trying to screw each other over (even if just for sake of saving their relationships with Belle and Emma).

4. Rumple and Hook’s stories have been intertwined from the beginning - having their redemption arcs intertwined makes sense.

Rumple has to continue his character development too. You can’t cheat your way to a happy ending.  Trying to kill of magical people to fill up a hat that will allow him to get rid of his curse but keep all of his powers … that just isn’t going to go well. Happy endings, especially for villains, need to be fought for.  And change is a commitment - not a one time decision.  Rumple and Hook are going to be learning this lesson in parallel.

Maybe I’m biased because they are my two favorite characters on the show, but I’m totally here for this story line!

5. Captain Swan is endgame.

This has been clear for a very long time now. They are a True Love couple but the writers aren’t going to give that to us right away.  That would be boring. So just like Snowing the writers have to continually put them through hell to keep it interesting.  This couple is all about angst.  Expect it to continue. Enjoy it.  It’s two steps forward one step back with Hook and Emma - but the trend is that they are moving forward.  Don’t worry. Really. 

Thanks for asking!!!! I hope this made you feel better.  Honestly it’s all going to be alright.  It will probably hurt like hell, but it’s going to be amazing. 

Spoiler: Colin has said that Hook can’t/won’t/doesn’t want to keep secrets from Emma.  No worries!

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I really hope we see Emma & Killian turn the tables on Rumple. Rumple uses love as a weapon but Emma told Cora it was a strength. I'd love to see Emma & Killian use their love against Rumple - who should know true love is the most powerful magic of all. Plus Rumple still hasn't learned that honesty is important in a relationship like Charming told him. It'd be great if Killian was honest with Emma something Rumple isn't with Belle.


Plus it would be a nice twist on what happened with the Wicked Witch.

The big difference between then and now is Emma. She’s finally admitted to herself that she cares about him. That she might just love him. Before, Emma was LOOKING for reasons to run away. But she’s not running now. She knows Killian’s not perfect. Yeah, he made a mistake with Rumple, but Rumple’s AWFUL and manipulative and Emma knows that. She knows Killian’s heart in a way that Rumple never, ever can. She knows Killian’s a hero, that he’s a good person at heart.

So will she be disappointed at Killian’s predicament? Of course. But how could she not feel sorry for him? He’s doing all of this for HER. Because she’s special and important and he wants to be worthy. Emma doesn’t even think she’s worth that kind of devotion. But Killian DOES. Which is why this is tearing him up. I think he’ll try to find a way out on his own and when that fails, he’ll tell Emma.

Eddy promised that Emma would be fighting for her pirate. She’s all in on this relationship now. This half season is about not giving up on the people you love and Emma’s not going to give up on Killian just because Rumple’s an asshole with a power addiction.

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"Don’t you just love a good twist?"  3x17 | 4x04

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Lovebirds (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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what kills me most about the episode tho is


when emma is trying to reassure killian, she addresses him as “killian” at first and then jumps to “hook.” he doesn’t respond or react until she calls him hook.

he doesn’t feel like killian anymore. he feels like the hand belongs to the ruthless, selfish pirate that he became when he lost it. he feels like captain hook. he feels like all of his strides have been in vain if it’s this easy for him to regress.

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as a fellow film student here (hi there), I’m always told by my teacher that during the shooting of my practicals/short films, a scene should be properly lit to show an actor’s face unless the lack of light is purposeful to the film/plot and deliberate. (make sure you remember this. it’s important for the entire meta)

When Emma and Killian are together in a shot, they’re properly lit and you can see their faces clearly.


When they kiss, the lighting is extremely bright and manages to capture the entirety of both their faces.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure that this reflects their lives when they’re with each other. Emma is Killian’s light just as much as Killian is Emma’s. Together they share light-hearted moments worth shining a light upon as opposed to all the dark times in their lives.

THAT is what I think the intention of the lighting is in this part of the scene.

Now let’s fast forward to after Emma enters the apartment and closes the door…

I never ignore the visuals of the mise en scène (everything that appears in front of the camera) in a shot. So what’s so special about this moment?


^^ This is when Emma closes the door and is no longer in the presence of Killian. Not only do we see the light on Killian’s face disappearing, we also see that Killian is standing more towards the right side of the mise en scène/shot. This somehow gives an illusion that there’s something missing in the shot and as it is missing, it’s somewhat sad. The audience sees that Emma is what’s missing since she was previously standing to the left of the frame. As Emma is missing, so is the light that was previously there. Or in other words, Killian’s light.

(I shall rewind back to when I said that I’ve been told lighting, or lack of lighting, is often used deliberately)


Killian’s face turning dark also reflects his past life as a pirate and what his life was like before Emma. Past!Killian didn’t have love (not after when Liam and Milah died) nor did he have light in his life.

What I’m trying to say is: this use of cinematography further addresses and reflects how much Emma means to Killian.

With Emma, his life has moments worth shining a light on.

The lighting also shows how much Killian means to Emma when they’re both under bright lighting. i’M SORRY I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT ANYMORE I’M JUST A BUNDLE OF EMOTION LYING ON THE FLOOR LEAVE ME BE

oh and i’m sorry this was rUDE

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Captain Swan + Smiles in 4x04: The Apprentice

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